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Spotlight On: Carrot Seed Essential Oil

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This steam distilled essential oil from India is most commonly found in skin care products, thanks to its skin cell regenerative properties and its ability to increase elasticity in the skin. It is also wonderful for healing scars, softening callouses, soothing irritated skin and reducing the effects of rosacea, and is great for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Continue reading

Featured Retailer: Bespoke Aromatics

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Name and location of retailer: Bespoke Aromatics, 22 King Street West, Cobourg ON

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Spotlight on: Mandarin

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Group of mandarin oranges

Childlike, calming and joyful, mandarin essential oil has a special place in our hearts!

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Spotlight on: Ylang Ylang

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Ylang Ylang flower

Ylang Ylang, an intensely aromatic essential oil steam distilled from the flowers of the cananga tree, really packs a punch. It has the tendency to dominate other oils with its deep, floral and honey-like scent and on its own our staff has found it to be a “love it or hate it” kind of scent. As in, some of us here love it, and others hate it.

The truth about Ylang Ylang is that it boasts a strong list of benefits, and that while a little goes a long way, it really lends a beautiful note to the right blends. Continue reading

Looking For Trustworthy Information on Essential Oils?

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Here at All Things Jill, our products are largely based on aromatherapy and/or built around natural raw ingredients and pure essential oils. We know that the world of essential oils can be daunting to navigate, especially when we’re talking about the sourcing or purity of the oils, contraindications of use, and safety. We feel very passionately about educating our customers on the safe use of essential oils — and while we are always happy to answer questions, we recognize that the information being used to make decisions about safety and efficacy is coming from all sorts of different sources. Continue reading