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All Things Jill


Announcing the SEEK WELLNESS Online Scavenger Hunt!

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Nine Easy Clues… One BIG Prize!

We’re so excited to be taking part in this fun and easy online scavenger hunt, along with eight other fantastic Canadian businesses! The Seek Wellness Scavenger Hunt encourages you to engage in self-love and self-care. With a $525 prize pack stuffed with amazing, natural products, win this giveaway and you will be all set to pamper yourself throughout the long, Canadian winter!

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Looking For Trustworthy Information on Essential Oils?

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Here at All Things Jill, our products are largely based on aromatherapy and/or built around natural raw ingredients and pure essential oils. We know that the world of essential oils can be daunting to navigate, especially when we’re talking about the sourcing or purity of the oils, contraindications of use, and safety. We feel very passionately about educating our customers on the safe use of essential oils — and while we are always happy to answer questions, we recognize that the information being used to make decisions about safety and efficacy is coming from all sorts of different sources. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Neem

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Neem, the Wonder Tree

Also sometimes called “Indian lilac,” this dark, thick, distinctively scented oil has been used for over 2,000 years in traditional South Asian medicine. Many Indian legends speak of its powers. However, don’t let these exaggerated tales discourage you from using it, as it is certainly a useful oil! Antimicrobial and antifungal, it has also been shown to affect over 200 separate insect species, including some mites, as well as nematodes, fungi, bacteria and viruses (source: US National Research Council, “Neem — A Tree For Solving Global Problems”). Continue reading

Paddle + TREK

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We’re passionate about supporting local businesses, both here in Calgary as well as family-owned businesses across the continent. When another business shares our values of environmental stewardship, positive corporate culture, supporting local economy and providing exceptional customer service, well – we want to work with that business!

This month, we have found an awesome way to collaborate with two amazing business here in Calgary: together with The Paddle Station and The Apothecary in Inglewood, we are giving away a Summer Essentials Basket and a double kayak rental to facilitate your very own YYC River Adventure!   Continue reading

The Origins of the Chic Puppy Line

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An Itchy Pup Inspires The Apawthecary

The star of the moment at All Things Jill is our Chic Puppy line. We have just relaunched the line: reformulating the shampoo to be thicker and foamier; rebranding the Ticked Off Coat & Bed Spritz and Shake; simplifying our scent options to crowd favourites Citrus and Mint; and outfitting everything with sleek new labels. With all of these changes and the amazing line we have in place now, we can’t help but think back to where it all started. Continue reading