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25 Things You Need to Do This Fall

Autumn leaves

Date night? Friend hangs? These 25 fun fall activities don’t involve alcohol and many are free. Most, you can only do in the fall. Enjoy!


25 Fun Activities You Don’t Want to Skip This Fall

  1. Pick some fruit or wildcraft an herb. Now is the time! Whether it’s grabbing fruit off the tree; gathering local sage or juniper while it’s still warm out; or picking last of the garden’s bounty, don’t miss this chance to put aside some supplies for the winter!
  2. Visit a local fall attraction: a corn maze or haunted house, maybe. Get in the autumn mood!
  3. Go for a hike somewhere where you can enjoy the fall colours. For instance, if there are larch trees near you, get out there and check them out while they blaze gold!
  4. Plant bulbs in your garden. That could be tulips or another flower… or maybe garlic!
  5. Rake up a giant leaf pile and jump in it. Or, invite your favourite kid to jump in it. Or, let your favourite dog frolic in it.
  6. Take an autumn-afternoon nap. There is nothing more comforting than that warm, autumn sunshine!
  7. Hang a birdfeeder. As the weather cools, the birds will thank you.
  8. Stock the freezer with hearty meals. Make extra chilli, hearty soups, spaghetti sauce, casseroles… you name it! Fall is busy and the days start to get short and cold. You’ll be thankful for the hot, homecooked, satisfying meals on the days you don’t feel like cooking.
  9. Bake some cookies for a friend or neighbour. Of course, you can save some for yourself. Your house will smell great; you’ll maintain that friendly connection; and they get to enjoy the cookies. Everyone wins!
  10. Write a letter to tell someone you love them. That’s always a nice idea!
  11. Spend an evening picking out beautiful books at the library. Slow down a bit for a couple of hours and choose some of those heavy, shiny, hardcover books on a topic you love. Rocks? Trees? Architecture? Cooking? How indulgent!
  12. Treat yourself to a soothing bath with a delicious cup of tea.
  13. Try a seasonal vegetable you’ve never tried before. It might just be a different colour — golden beets or purple carrots, for instance — or maybe you haven’t tried spaghetti squash yet. Head to a market and choose something you haven’t tried!
  14. Have a bonfire with friends or family. Even if the night is chilly, this is a fun way to pass the time!
  15. Snuggle in on a dreary fall evening to watch a movie — alone or with a loved one.
  16. Make a rustic tart with fruit from a farmers market.
  17. Bake a spiced pumpkin or carrot loaf. Yum! Also: these freeze well!
  18. Stock up on beeswax candles for the winter. What a lovely way to set the mood on long, winter nights. 
  19. Visit a graveyard. They’re fascinating places! Spend some time searching for recognizable names and speculating over people’s circumstances; and enjoy the artfulness of the landscaping and the monuments. Plus, of course, they’ve got that creepy feeling that can be a lot of fun as Halloween approaches!
  20. Get out for a bike ride. Enjoy the paths now before the snow flies!
  21. Throw a preserving party. Here’s your chance to get some pickles, jam or tomatoes in the pantry for the winter ahead.
  22. Pull out those cozy clothes. Time to tuck away the summer dresses for next year and pull out the wool sweaters. Take stock of any mending or cleaning that is needed. You’ll be glad you did on the first really cold day.
  23. Look at the stars. Take advantage of the longer nights and enjoy the celestial views!
  24. Do a jigsaw puzzle. The ultimate cozy activity!
  25. Get a jump on holiday shopping. Grab some goodies for stockings; plan out some handmade gifts; or just get it all done now to save yourself the trouble later!