100 Ways to Make Your Quarantine Magical

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Wall of magic
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A couple years ago, we shared our plans for Magical March. Magical March is an event we usually partake in among our staff, since March often really sucks.

This year, things were a little different, what with the pandemic and all. We couldn’t really observe Magical March, and frankly, we didn’t feel up to it anyway.

Well, here we are, mid-summer, and it’s looking like life has changed pretty drastically for the foreseeable future. While we don’t endorse the idea of “making your pandemic productive” (too much pressure!), we are craving a little comfort and magic in our lives. If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you’d like to peruse our list of ideas for adding a little magic to your social distancing experience (whatever that looks like for you), and choose a couple to treat yourself to.

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Featured Retailer: Babes in Arms

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Babes in Arms logoName and Location of Retailer:  Babes in Arms, 841 1 Ave NE Calgary AB Continue reading

Featured Retailer: Tail Blazers

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Name and Location of Retailer: Two Tail Blazers locations in Ontario carry our products: Etobicoke (170 North Queen St Etobicoke ON) and Heartland (5 – 6055 Mavis Rd Mississauga ON).  Continue reading

Featured Retailer: Dr. For Moms / Nature’s Baby Basket

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Name and location of retailer: Dr. For Moms and Nature’s Baby Basket, #120, 3820 Brentwood Rd NW, Calgary AB  Continue reading

Featured Retailer: Bespoke Aromatics

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Name and location of retailer: Bespoke Aromatics, 22 King Street West, Cobourg ON

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