Essential Oils

Spotlight On: Lavender

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Lavender field

This week, let’s take a closer look at another of the classic herbs, lavender. The first written record of the medicinal use of lavender is said to be from 77 AD, when a Greek physician wrote that lavender could be used internally and externally for a variety of benefits. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Cardamom Essential Oil

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CardamomCardamom is an uplifting and warm spice oil that is said to be an aphrodisiac. As a spice, cardamom has been used medicinally in Asia for over 3,000 years. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Pine Essential Oil

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When it comes to “woodsy” not much fits the bill more perfectly than the scent of pine. This scent has come to be associated with freshness and cleanliness, and rightfully so — pine boasts germ-fighting and disinfectant properties; was revered by Hippocrates for its healing effect on the respiratory system; and was used by Indigenous peoples of North America in bedding to deter bedbugs and lice. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Benzoin Essential Oil

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You may be surprised when you first smell benzoin essential oil — because it smells an awful lot like vanilla! This thick, resinous oil is solvent-extracted from the gum resin of the Benzoin tree (Styrax benzoin), which grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra. The tree is tapped and exudes gum resin which is then used to create the oil. Benzoin trees can apparently produce resin in this way for 15-20 years. Continue reading

Spotlight On: Lemongrass

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Known as a “must-have” for energy workers, lemongrass essential oil is often used to cleanse, clear and purify rooms by dispelling accumulated negative energy, and is also an effective air purifier. Continue reading