100 Ways to Make Your Quarantine Magical

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A couple years ago, we shared our plans for Magical March. Magical March is an event we usually partake in among our staff, since March often really sucks.

This year, things were a little different, what with the pandemic and all. We couldn’t really observe Magical March, and frankly, we didn’t feel up to it anyway.

Well, here we are, mid-summer, and it’s looking like life has changed pretty drastically for the foreseeable future. While we don’t endorse the idea of “making your pandemic productive” (too much pressure!), we are craving a little comfort and magic in our lives. If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you’d like to peruse our list of ideas for adding a little magic to your social distancing experience (whatever that looks like for you), and choose a couple to treat yourself to.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day While Social Distancing

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Earth Day is April 22!

Perhaps you celebrate Earth Day by taking part in an Earth Day event, gathering with friends or taking part in a neighbourhood cleanup. Or, maybe you have never celebrated Earth Day before but find yourself with some extra time this year. Whatever your circumstances, if you’d like to celebrate our Earth and take some actions to honour nature and ecology this Wednesday, here are a few ways that you can do so without risking furthering the spread of Covid-19!

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100 Ways to Make Your March Magical

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(Or, How to Survive Late Winter on the Prairies)

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Here at All Things Jill and in conjunction with our friends at our sister company, The Apothecary in Inglewood, we’ve come to a conclusion over the years:

March Sucks.

We will allow that it doesn’t always suck (two years ago, it was beautiful — for instance). And we will allow that even the worst March has bright spots, like the days getting longer (literal bright spot!) and … ummm… sometimes Easter? 

We really don’t love March.

So, a few years ago, we came up with an idea to help us get through those last few weeks of winter unscathed. Those weeks when it really, really seems like spring should be here but often, it’s just not. Those weeks when even though the days are longer, it’s still darker than you’d like; and the ground isn’t thawed to plant the garden yet; and there are often still a few blizzards. Did we mention we live in Calgary? If you live on the Canadian prairies, or almost anywhere in Canada besides the West Coast, for that matter; or in the American midwest, well… you get what we’re talking about.

The idea was to not let ourselves sink into the despair that threatened to overtake us via wet socks, grey slush and slippery yet salty roads, and to instead give ourselves things to look forward to. Things to laugh about. Ways to feel joy.

We called it: Magical March.

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We’re Headed to CHFA West!

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It’s Canada’s premiere industry trade show for natural health and organic products, and we can’t wait to exhibit again this weekend at CHFA West! Presented by the Canadian Health Food Association, the CHFA West trade show takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, February 24-25 (with an added convention February 22-23). Continue reading

Puppy Love: All Things Jill is Going to the Dogs

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This month at All Things Jill, our tails are really wagging with excitement. We are relaunching our pet line, raising money for local shelter pets and we also have a photo contest just for your fur babies coming up May 7! Continue reading